Janico of York Electrical Product Catalogue 2021

70 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 www.scolmore.com Contemporary Smooth Profile Wiring Accessories CMA012 CMA735 CMA771U CMA786 Premium Decorative Metal Wiring Accessories DPBN152 DPSC586BK DPAB412BK DPBR552BK Wiring Accessories Screwless Wiring Accessories SCP242BS SIN142 SCP402BS SIN412PWBS SCP200BS SIN500BKBS Flat Plate Wiring Accessories FPBN152 FPBS535BK FPCH552BK FPBS586BK Decorative Metal Wiring Accessories VPBN020BK VPSB411BK GCBR752BK VPSC571UGY MD003BN MD022BR-CH MD008CH MD017WHSB Interchangeable Plates & Modules CL012 CL035 CL051 Electrophoretically Coated Plates And Back Boxes CL660 Visually Contrasting Wiring Accessories CMA012AG CMA835AG CMA501AG CMA771UAG SIN125BK SCP120BS